the wedding photographer

I love capturing the small moments, such as glances, kisses, hand-holding, and physical emotions that are unique to each relationship and wedding day. Nothing beats telling love stories and collaborating with an accomplished photographer! Let us tell your stories because we believe they deserve to be heard. You are our first priority! Every moment in our love story is a treasure, and it is possible to have it documented on your wedding day. I want you to feel that through the way my cameras capture YOU!

I adore photoshoots in Grand Marais/North Shore, Minnesota! Stunning! 

I also enjoy traveling to take photographs. 

Check out my work as a Jasmine Kay photographer in Voyage Magazines!

Meet my favorite pal! 

The wedding photographer owns the cutest german shepherd dog! Meet Toby, my little boy! It provided me with numerous opportunities to demonstrate my desire and passion for the world of photography. Adventures with this boy provided me with numerous hidden gems in various locations. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you all at our upcoming photo shoots.